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Inheritance and Seven Numbers That Can Save Your Life-March 2007

Live Long and Prosper-June2002

Longevity Gap-September 2007

Man Up-November 2009

Practicing What I Preached-June 2003

Preemptive Strike-December 2007

Prostate Cancer Journal-2003 - 2004

Take Your Vitamins-February 2003

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Society and Relationships

Aftermath-November 2004

Back Off!-July 2009

Boys Are Stupid-February 2004

Bringing It Home-July 2005

The Buckeye State: My Speech to the Graduates-June 2007

Categorically Wrong-July 2011

The Comics-December 2002

CrackBerries-April 2010

Danger! Danger! (Deadliest jobs for men)-January 2015
Defining Men-October 2003

Don't Try This at Home-March 2004

Dreams-March 2010

Eeeek! It's a Man!-November 2011

Enough Is Enough-June 2006

Everybody Lies-January 2011

Gelding-October 2010

Gender Wars in the Downturn-March 2009

Going Native-June 2005

Hawthorne and Rosenthal-April 2009

Hearing Voices-September 2003

I'll Have What She's Having-June 2009

A Little Appreciation?-January 2005

Making Peace in the Gender Wars-February 2006

Male Intimacy and Homophobia-October 2010
Masculinities-Oct-dec 2015
Masks-December 2011

Men and Violence-September 2004

The Most Dangerous Jobs-September 2011

The Myth of the Stay-at-Home Dad-January 2015
Participation Trophies-September 2015
Paternity Leave-Oct-Dec 2015
The Peacemaker-December 2007

Points To Make-May 2009

Reversals of Fortune-May 2005

Six for Six-August 2003

Teasers (Provocative Articles on the Internet)-March 2010

Terri Schiavo-April 2005

Thank You (With follow-up)-July-August 2015
True to Type-December 2005

TV for Men?-December 2007

(Un)happiness and the Feminist Movement-September 2009

Victimization-June 2002

Violence Against Men-July2007

The Year of the Manly Man-January 2007

What a Year!-May 2009

Where Have the Good Men Gone?-February/March 2011

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Spirituality and Inner Growth

Altered Consciousness-May 2002

Anywhere But Here-September 2011

Automatic Pilot-April 2004

Backward Glances-May 2007

Beauty and the Beast-May 2006

Be. Here. Now.-March 2008

The Burr-January 2010

Charlie Brown and the Alien Grave Robbers-March 2005

Christmas Blues-December 2002

Crossword Puzzle-October 2004

Every Breath You Take-September 2010

Expressing Love-March/April 2015
Finding My Ass-May 2010

Flipping Out and Pissing Mad-June 2009

Happiness-September 2002

Heart Threads-September 2002

Hobbits, Myth, Metaphor, and Unspoken Truth
The House of Cards-October 2008

Idealism and Reality-March 2009

Inner Life-March 2003

Instant Meditation-September 2003

Learning To Walk-February 2008

A Life in Exile-November 2010

Luck-July 2004

Making Connections-August 2006

Meditations-July 2003

Mistaken Identity-November 2008

Music for Meditation-November 2003

Neither Hope Nor Fear-November 2006

New Year's Revolutions-December 2003

People, Places, Things, Ideas-December 2006

The Power of Zero-December 2004

Practice-September 2002

Recycling-February 2005

Red Riding Hood and the Wolf-December 2004

Ritual and Travel-May 2007

Ritual and Travel, Part 2-December 2010

Ruts, Routines, and Rituals-January 2003

The Second Time Around-October 2006

Sacred Places-October 2006

Sammy the Guru Cat-December 2009

Shameless-September 2006

Somebody To Love-August 2011

Speed Bumps-February 2007

Stalking the Wild Gerbil-August 2003

The Territory Within-July 2006

Three Questions-June 2011

Timeless-January 2009

Time Travel-May 2011

Ugly Duckling-May 2007

Upside-Down and Backwards-October 2003

Vision Quest-September 2005

What I Learned-March 2005

What You Get-December 2008

Why Meditate?-September 2006

Wisdom and Intuition-February 2005

Woulda Coulda Shoulda-September 2007

Your Game Face-August 2002

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Men's Work

Better Off?-September 2008

Chick Flicks and Guy Movies-February 2010

Cracks in the Armor-June-July 2016
Day Job-February 2003

Drumming and Poetry-August 2002

Drums, Sweat and Tears-May 2005

Endangered Species: The End of Men-June 2010

Everyday Mythology-October 2011

Feelings-August 2005

The Hero's Journey-November 2005

How to Start a Men's Group-November 2002

Initiation and Identity Change-March 2004

Life Events and Self-Initiation-May 2008

Looking Back, Looking Around-July 2010

Men's Work-November 2003

Men's Work - Not for Wimps?-July 2004

MM52-October 2007

The More Things Change-October 2002

My "State of the Men" Address-April 2007

Not an Elevator Speech-August 2004

Our Stories, Our Truths-August 2008

The Problem with Boys-January 2008 by Marty Nemko

Resolutions for Men-December 2006

Sex and Swordplay-August 2007 by Sparrow Hart

Spirit Guides and Totem Animals-July 2008

State of the Men Essay-March-April 2015
Unexpected Tenderness-August 2009

What Happens at Men's Gatherings?-November 2007

What Happens at the Men's Wisdom Council-April 2003

What Is a Man?-April 2006

When Does a Retreat Feel Like a Victory?-April 2006 by Leo Horrigan

When Our Father Work Goes Both Ways-May 2004

Where Are We Going With the Men's Movement?-April 2002

What Do Men Need?-June 2004

What Kind of Man Are You?-June2008

Why Men's Gatherings?-April 2008

Why a Men's Retreat?-March 2009

Winter Camp-February 2009

Wisdom Council-April 2005

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An Anniversary-October 2007

First Love-January 2004

How to Write Poetry-July 2002

Just the iFAQs, Man-October 2007

Mister Gadget-November 2006

Poems-April 2003

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Bitches and Bastards (Essays by Men and Women)-September 2004

Fatherhood and Nurturing (Review of a book by Mark Haddon)-August 2008

Iron Man Family Outing (Poetry by Rick Belden)-July 2008

Self-Made Man (Norah Vincent)-March 2006

Solaris (2002)-August 2004

What Men Know That Women Don't-September 2003

Wild Things in the Mirror-October 2009

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Guest Articles

AIDS - Man's Worst Enemy-July 2004 by J. Teelucksingh

Letter from Woody (Post-Hurricane Katrina Experience) by Woody

The Problem with Boys-January 2008 by Marty Nemko

Sex and Swordplay-August 2007 by Sparrow Hart

Today-January 2008 by Peter Bormuth

When Does a Retreat Feel Like a Victory?-April 2006 by Leo Horrigan

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